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“Advance Beauty College”, a direct-hire, non-for-profit college, is a non-for profit, accredited college with over thirty years of experience in the field of cosmetology. “Advance Beauty College” also offers other related programs such as “Makeover School”, “Sculpture School”, “Makeup Artist School”, “Body Makeover School”, etc. “Advance Beauty College” does not award degrees. “Advance Beauty College” is a vocational beauty training school. “Advance Beauty” does not have a professional license.

“Advance Beauty” offers technical, vocational, and trade specialties for individuals and small businesses, and professional training for cosmetologists and aestheticians. The college provides professional development workshops, seminars, lectures and hands-on training to students. The vocational program consists of practical training; two semesters per year, eight weeks per semester. In addition, “Advance Beauty” offers associate degree programs in both cosmetology and aesthetics, and one certificate program in hair styling and cutting. The vocational and trade programs are part of the Associate Degrees in General Arts (AGE) program.

Cosmetology classes are offered through the Associate Degrees in Cosmetology and Aesthetic Training (ADT), which is a five-year program. A minimum of 225 credits in all areas of specialization are needed for enrollment. The ADT includes courses in basic sciences, including anatomy and physiology; chemistry; biology and physics; and laboratory skills. There are also courses in business, management, marketing, business law, public relations, salesmanship, and sales training.

Advance Beauty College

Hundred Technical Degrees

The Aesthetic Arts program consists of classes in cosmetology, hair styling, hair color, nail technology, cuticle care, skin care and makeup application. In addition, there are over two hundred associate degrees in the field of cosmetology, including one hundred technical degrees in hair styling, cosmetics, nail technology, and cosmetology. Hair, nail, skin, and hair styling courses are offered at the school. There are over twenty-five technical programs in the hair and nail industry. The school offers two professional certificate programs, one in business and one in cosmetology.

The advance beauty college also offers a Master’s degree in Hair Technology, which is an advanced degree. This course work is done in the school’s facilities or at a post-secondary academic facility. Students of the Master’s degree must complete an accredited program at a school that is accredited by The U.S. Department of Education. In addition, students must also pass the GRE exam. The Master’s program is forty credits over three years to complete.

There are many areas of specialization within the Master’s program. Students can choose between programs in cosmetology, hair styling, nail technology, and esthetics. The advanced beauty college is accredited by The Department of Education and the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. The school provides full time and part time programs.

Advance Beauty College Offers Graduates a Variety of Options

“Advance Beauty College is a family-owned enterprise with a rich history dedicated to the fashion and cosmetics industry. We are dedicated to educating, supporting and helping individuals reach their full beauty potential. “Advance Beauty College offers a variety of classes and programs that help students achieve their own personal goals. Classes offered are:

“The advancement of our society can be seen in the advancements in our culture reflected in our daily lives. The advancement of the beauty-consciousness has helped to increase the number of young people, both male and female, who feel comfortable and confident about their looks. Advance Beauty College recognizes that everyone has the ability to look amazing. Our schools teach a beauty-consciousness curriculum that instills self-confidence, self-esteem and leadership qualities. Through our program, students will learn how to create a positive body image, develop healthy eating habits and exercise regularly to prevent serious health risks such as cancer and heart disease.

Makeup Applications

“Advance Beauty College is committed to providing a high-quality, hands-on, environment-safe education to its students. Classes are taught by industry leaders with real-world experience, and students will not only learn techniques and makeup applications, but will also practice on stage. Students will be provided with industry tools and information to help them succeed in their careers, as well as industry contacts and connections. “Advance Beauty Colleges is a member of the Orange County School Board and is one of the few colleges with two locations, one in Garden City and one in Costa Mesa. We strive to be an accommodating and nurturing community. “

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