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“American Beauty College” is a high quality, accredited beauty school. “ABC” stands for” Academy of Beauty Colleges“. “American Beauty College” was founded in 1948. “ABC” has a long rich history in the LA region and has developed into what today is known as “American Beauty College”. With over 40 years of experience in both cosmetology and the beauty industry, we have the real world experience that our students will benefit from.

What does “American Beauty College” offer? One of our most popular courses is “Certified Hair stylist and Skin Care Specialist”, also known as “CSST”. This four-credit course can be taken online or in the classroom at American Beauty College’s main campus in west covina. Students will need to take this course if they want to get their hair cut, styled and do facial treatments at the salon or hair styling studios. The cost of this course is $37 for the entire semester.

Financial aid is always an important part of going to a school. “American Beauty College” has a few unique options for those who need financial assistance to pay tuition. There is a limited amount of financial aid available each semester due to the low enrollment count. If you qualify for merit based tuition reduction and live in west covina, you can apply for the merit-based tuition reduction. If you are living anywhere else and would like to take this course, you can apply for a partial tuition reduction.

American Beauty College

Money on Books

The student body at “American Beauty College” consists of students who pay their own tuition. Students in all aspects of their beauty career are welcome to attend and participate. However, it is especially advantageous for students who pay their own tuition because they do not have to rely on any institutional support. In addition, students who pay their own tuition typically have less to worry about because they are able to spend the money on books, snacks, lunch, etc…

Each student will be assigned a certain area of study during their first year at “American Beauty College”. You will have the option of selecting one area of study or living in a co-op. In either case, you will be working under a faculty member who will be a faculty advisor. The advisor’s responsibility is to assist you with your studies by communicating with you on a daily basis. Students in a co-op also help to run the day to day operations of the school and will receive extra credit toward their degree.

The average cost of attendance at American Beauty College varies from student to student. Some students who pay their own tuition find that the amount they pay is lower than what they expected. On the other hand, some students have the opposite experience. Regardless of how much money you pay to attend this online school, you can be sure that once you begin your education and work in the field of cosmetics you will be satisfied with your decision.

Financial Aid, Academic Statistics, and Future Career Choices

“American Beauty College” is located in Costa Mesa, California. “ABC” offers several beauty programs for all levels of hair stylists and makeup artists. We offer classes for all ages ranging from baby boomers, to teens, to those just starting out. “ABC” works closely with local, state, and federal laws and regulations pertaining to the cosmetology and hair styling.

American Beauty College” was founded in the early 1970’s by Susan B.ration and has been named a US cosmetology school by the” APP Annual Review.” “ABC” has a rich historical history in the central la cala area and has developed into what American Beauty College is now. We are committed to helping students obtain practical experience and education, while providing cutting-edge, hands-on instruction. Many of our students have gone on to become world class hair stylists, makeup artists, or even makeup artists/stylists. “American Beauty College” graduates have had their own successful careers in radio, TV, and film.

We Strongly Believe

Current and returning students are extremely happy with their decision to attend American beauty college. The academic statistics are very encouraging and show a steady growth that will continue for many more years to come. We strongly believe that the large tuition cost is a great deterrent to students, but that should not keep them from their dream. After all, it is your future that is being sought and you will be living it once you begin your studies at the American beauty college of your choice.

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