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Bethany Beauty College If you are interested in cosmetology and would like to pursue a career in the field, then attending one of the Bethany Beauty Colleges is an excellent option. Located in Bethany, PA, the college offers several programs online, but also has classes at the campus. This school offers courses in 7 different qualifications, with the most popular qualifications being Cosmetology license, Bachelor’s degree and Associate’s Degree.

Students who enroll will be given the opportunity to choose a specific major, or all of the requirements can be fulfilled with an Associate’s degree in cosmetology. After receiving an associate degree students can go on to pursue other set of beauty college courses such as nail technology, hairstyling and cosmetology. Those who do choose all of the requirements for a career in cosmetology will be able to specialize in a particular area of the industry. A number of professions require a license and those that offer a variety of services will be very selective about whom they hire. The requirements will be minimal for those who wish to become cosmetologists.

Classes offered at the beauty college are usually short, which allows students to work on their own as soon as they have earned their associate degree. In addition, most cosmetologists will be able to work under the supervision of a licensed dermatologist or hair stylist. Many times there are internship opportunities available where students can learn more about the industry while earning their cosmetology license. The salary for a beauty therapist is very competitive; however the starting salary may not be as high as it is for hair stylists or nail technicians. Most cosmetologists will make over fifty thousand dollars a year.

Several Salons Offer Childcare

There are several salons within the Brandywine region, and Bethany offers one of the largest female clientele. Students working at the salon will be happy to see that the salon offers a very good reputation with most customers. They will be able to work in a large amount of time and choose the hours that best fit their schedule. Many of the clients are stay-at-home moms and students will also be able to work around their children. Several salons offer childcare if needed.

Many times students will be happy to work on commission, although hourly rates will be higher at some businesses. Business owners will be glad to hear that employees at the beauty college are extremely friendly and well organized. Students will be able to obtain jobs quickly after attending the beauty college. Clients will be impressed with the level of training that has gone into the employees. It is always a good place to start a new career.

There are also several other types of salons that use the services of a beauty college. Those interested in being a makeup artist can obtain a job at a makeup booth at a beauty college. Hair stylists are often offered a position in a hair salon as well. There are numerous other positions that can be obtained through a beauty school. Anyone who desires to have a job in the field of beauty can find their perfect niche at a beauty college.

Why You Should Take Classes at the Bethany Beauty College

The website of the Bethany Beauty College provides all the details one needs to know about the school. This page gives the complete contact information of the Bethany Beauty College in Bethany Oklahoma. If you’re interested in the beauty school, then suggest that you look them up on the internet. See what services they provide such as a cosmetologist, esthetician, hair stylist, barber, manicurist, nail technician, pedicurist etc. They also provide online courses and seminars, which you can take at your own time and budget.

The Bethany beauty college offers different courses. Apart, from courses that are general, such as makeup application, color analysis, hair styling, nail application, manicure and pedicure, there are specialized courses like the master’s in cosmetology, which is offered to individuals like professional athletes or model moms who want to enhance their portfolio or those who just want to have more training and specialization. For individual business or self-employment, you can also get the training you need for cosmetology from this school. There are also courses offered by major companies such as Covercraft and nail care specialists provided by the school. For individuals working in the beautification industry, you can choose between a certificate course or a diploma course. Both these options offer you a great opportunity to build your own business while gaining more skills to help make you better in your career.


You can enroll for any course offered at the Bethany beauty college. Some of the courses offered are: cosmetology, massage therapy, nail technology, cuticle and salon design, facial and body painting, pedicure, color coordination, home design and painting, hairstyling, spa therapy and the works of massage therapists. You can find a course that suits your schedule, interests and your goals. If you need additional assistance and guidance, there are several professionals who are willing to help you if you are not sure of what you want to do with your career. With the right training, you will have a great opportunity to earn a good living and accomplish all your goals.

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