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Central Texas Beauty College, With the popularity of cosmetology schools increasing year after year, there is a growing need for licensed cosmetologists in Texas who can meet the growing needs of the industry. Cosmetology licensing exams provide students with the professional experience and knowledge necessary to effectively compete in the job market. Whether you are looking for a generalist or specialist license or are pursuing your education through an accredited cosmetology school, the process involves submitting a portfolio to the board that showcases your talents as a skilled professional in the field. You will need to compile a unique portfolio, which consists of both your appearance in photographs as well as work experience. Your portfolio will help the licensing board to determine your relative youth and inexperience, which will help to determine your pay scale. The cost to attend Central Texas Beauty College Round Rock campus ranges from $11,500 to more than $12,500 depending on your educational qualification, and the yearly cost is determined by the State Board of Cosmetology Examiners.

Texas is a state where cosmetology courses are particularly popular, especially for individuals seeking employment within the Texas beauty industry. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, cosmetology employment opportunities are expected to grow rapidly, and cosmetologists can expect their annual salary to increase nearly ten percent over the next five years. Salaries paid to individuals with more than a bachelor’s degree are now average, while those with Associate Degrees earn salaries that are nearly double the salary of those with a Bachelor’s degree. Cosmetology licensing exams are required for all cosmetologists in Texas, and a cosmetologist must pass the exam in order to work in the state. In order to become licensed as a cosmetologist, students must successfully complete all requirements for Texas cosmetology school and then take the certification exam.

The Texas cosmetology licensing exam is administered in the same way that other states’ licensing exams are. Students will be required to successfully complete education and training in basic cosmetology concepts, as well as general education courses on massage, teeth, tanning, and skin care. The test consists of two sections. The first section is written exam, which covers major topics such as moisturizing, massage, hair removal, makeup application, bleaching, tanning, and nail care; while the second section consists of multiple choice questions about specific cosmetology practices.

Central Texas Beauty College

Various Cosmetology Colleges

Before a student can apply for a cosmetology license, he or she must attend a minimum of eight hours of approved classes. Students who successfully completed an approved cosmetology course and passed the written exam will receive a cosmetology license from the State Board of Cosmetology Examiners. The license is valid for two years, during which time a cosmetologist may re-certify each year. During the first year of practice, cosmetologists must take an examination administered by the State Board of Cosmetology Examiners, in order to ensure their continuing education.
There are a few main differences between programs at various cosmetology colleges. One of the main differences is the amount of student supervision, or co-op hours, that a student is allowed. In most states, cosmetology students are required to participate in at least one co-op credit hour with a current licensed cosmetologist. Students in cosmetology college who choose to skip the co-op portion can usually be assured that they will have more hands-on experience with actual clients.

A cosmetology license is not required to become a cosmetologist. However, many beauty industry employers prefer to hire individuals who have at least a cosmetology license. Having at least a bachelor’s degree in cosmetology is also beneficial, as it proves that a student has an interest in the beauty industry. Some states require aspiring cosmetologists to pass a licensing exam before they can take the licensing exam themselves. Whether or not you have a cosmetology license, a Texas beauty school can help you achieve your dream career within the industry.

Central Texas Beauty College and Cosmetology Schools

Central Texas Beauty College is a two-year accredited college located in Bell County, TX. In 2021, the top Bachelor’s Degrees awarded at Central Texas Beauty College were in the areas of Communications, Marketing, and Business Management. In 2021, 60 degrees will be awarded across all programs at Central Texas Beauty College. Among the many Bachelor’s Degrees awarded in 2021-2021 were: Associate of Science in Education (AES); Associate of Arts in Education (AAE); Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE); and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Education (BFA).

The second largest campus of Central Texas beauty college is in Lubbock, which is also in Bell County. In 2021, Lubbock was the third busiest city in Texas behind Houston and Austin. As of 2021, over thirteen thousand students attended this two-campus beauty academy. Students who complete a degree at the Lubbock campus have an average of nineteen hours of classroom time per week, as well as two years of coursework completed with a major in Cosmetology.

Professional Certifications

In addition to the various degree programs at the colleges, they offer many other specialty programs as well. For example, students studying to become board certified cosmetologist can find many on campus classes and some on the Internet. There are also many other professional certifications available through the AAE, BFA, and BS. For those wanting to specialize in any area of cosmetology, from hair, nails, skin, and swimsuits to spa services, there is a degree for that.

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