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Chris Beauty College has been established as a not for profit education center, providing online educational programs in cosmetology for men and women of all ages. It offers both classroom courses and programs, as well as the option for on-line continuing education through web seminars. Chris Beauty College offers accredited associate degree programs in nail technology, hair styling, skin care, tanning and personal grooming, pedicure and manicure, swimwear design, makeup application and basic social communications. In addition, the college also offers certificate programs in a variety of beauty specialties including clinical treatment, esthetician, hair stylist, massage therapist, skin care specialist and beauty salon management.

Chris Beauty College has a campus which is located in Gulfport, MS. It is not a degree granting/licensing school. The average tuition & fees of Chris Beauty College are $11,750 per year for undergraduate students. A full time student who attends Chris Beauty College will pay approximately $32,000 per year in order to obtain a degree from this prestigious program. This puts this college very near the top of the list of colleges that offer very lucrative and affordable degrees.

There are two major programs offered at Chris Beauty College. The first major program is a Bachelor of Science in Cosmetology, which lasts two years and requires an average earning of more than six hundred dollars per year in order to be eligible to enroll. Students must also complete a minimum of twenty credits in order to be eligible for graduation. Students who wish to major in nail technology or another specialized area can choose to take additional courses to achieve their graduation goals.

Chris Beauty College

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The second major program offered at Chris Beauty College is an Associate of Arts Degree in cosmetology. Students who enroll in this program earn a three year degree which requires an average earning of eight hundred dollars per year and take classes such as Introduction to Cosmetology, The Psychology of Beauty and Manicures, Hairdressing Theory and much more. Students who choose this path also have the option of enrolling in a Master’s degree which is usually required for all students seeking graduation from any accredited beauty college. A Chris Beauty College graduate who is interested in pursuing other career opportunities within the field of cosmetology will be required to take courses such as Business and Management, Salon Management and Cosmetology Education and Administration.

Financial aid is one of the primary factors that push potential students towards Chris Beauty College. Chris Beauty College has an average faculty ratio of fifteen to one. The presence of world-class faculty allows this school to boast a high graduation rate. Financial aid is available to undergraduate students who meet the general criteria of need and capability to pay for tuition, as well as those students who are self-funded.

Chris Beauty College offers both on campus and online classes for its student’s learning experience. This means that for every student, there is a possibility of finding his/her perfect balance between the two. This school also offers programs that range from six months to two years to study as you please; therefore, it is always there should you need to expand your knowledge base or acquire new skills that will help you in your future career endeavors. So, if you are one of those individuals who are yearning for a change in your career, beauty college may just be the right choice for you in the future.

Chris Beauty College – Attracting High Quality Cosmetologists

The tuition and education costs associated with obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from Chris Beauty College are quite affordable, as it is compared to other cosmetic colleges. The average cost of an Associate’s degree program in makeup is approximately two thousand dollars, while the average cost of a Bachelor’s degree program is approximately four thousand dollars. The average GPA requirements for students who enroll in a Bachelor’s degree program are only slightly more than one and a half. In terms of location, Chris Beauty College’s campus is located in North Hollywood, California, approximately thirty miles north of Los Angeles. Students who complete their programs will be prepared for careers as makeup artists, stylists, dermatologists, as well as professionals in the healthcare industry.

Because there are so many students who wish to pursue a Bachelor’s degree program in makeup, the academic faculty at Chris Beauty College has observed a steady increase in graduation rates. The average graduation rate for undergraduate students is close to nine out of every ten. Another important factor that contributes to the great success of Chris Beauty College’s students is the high quality of classes taught each and every year. During each academic year, the academic faculty puts in countless hours of research, classwork, and practice sessions to ensure that each student develops a mastery of each of the important elements that compose an effective makeup application. The result is an extremely versatile and well-made set of makeup products that are tailored just for each individual student.

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One of the best aspects of Chris Beauty College lies in the numerous online classes that students can take, which give them a chance to brush up on their skills without having to go to school each day. When students graduate from the college, they can expect to find a plethora of jobs that require knowledge of makeup artistry, including television makeup artists, radio hosts, special effects makeup artists, and even fashion model. With the help of an accredited cosmetology school, students can gain all of the skills and knowledge necessary to make their dreams come true. The faculty at Chris Beauty College understands that every individual wants to have the confidence that comes with a beautiful face, and with a great school and curriculum this is exactly what they provide to students each and every year.

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