How Should We Cleanse Our Skin

How Should We Cleanse Our Skin –  In order not to make skin care mistakes, we should know how to apply skin cleansing. A lot of information is circulating about skin cleansing on social media channels, in the news, in the programs where celebrities share their skin cleansing and care routines, or around us. It is very important for the health of our skin to access the right information and to clean with the right products suitable for our own skin type. So what is the right skin cleansing and how can we do it right? Finding the answer to this question is actually not difficult at all.

How Should We Cleanse Our Skin

How Should We Cleanse Our Skin

To begin with, we should definitely discover our skin type through an expert and observe how our skin reacts to variables such as environmental factors and seasons. After completing this step, the rest will be to clean our skin by using the right product for our skin in the most correct way. After acquiring products that are dermatologically tested, of high quality and that do not contain ingredients that may be harmful to the skin, all that remains is to learn the correct use of these products and to establish our skin cleansing routine.

What We Need to Know for Proper Skin Cleaning

First of all, when we get up in the morning and before going to bed in the evening, we should wash our skin with the most suitable and correct product for ourselves. At this stage, it is important to use warm water while purifying the skin from the product and to leave the skin slightly moist for proper cleaning.

It is very important to change the towel that we wipe our face with and the pillow we use at short and regular intervals in order not to get our skin dirty and not to clog our pores. After cleaning the skin, wiping it on a towel that is not clean enough or lying on a pillow will cause our skin to become dirty again.

It is also very important to use products that do not scratch the skin during make-up removal. Using soft creams and make-up removal waters with an organic cotton pad, if possible, or with a cloth or sponge that will not harm the skin, will be the best method for our skin.

The choice of moisturizer is also important for the permanence of skin cleansing. Choosing the right moisturizer that will not clog the pores will make our skin cleaning even easier. We should keep the cotton, towel or sponge that we use on our skin in a sterile place, and if possible, we should prevent it from being exposed to external factors.

Along with these, it would be very wrong to buy a skin cleansing product just because it is on sale or cheap. When choosing a product, regardless of its price and brand, it is essential to look at the content and buy the right ingredient to clean our skin properly.

What is the right skin cleansing according to skin types?

We talked about the importance of cleansing the skin according to our skin type. So what should the routines of different skin types be like? If you have oily, acne-prone skin with blackheads and pore problems, using a tonic in your cleansing routine will be a very good method as it will help remove excess oil and dead skin from the skin.

If you have dry and sensitive skin, it would be best to choose products that contain the least amount of chemicals. If you have a combination and oily skin type, it would be correct to use separate and suitable products for the oily areas and dry areas of the skin, as there will be oiliness in the nose, forehead and chin areas called the T zone.

Those with this type of skin can clean properly with low alcohol tonics and water-based moisturizers. And of course, as in everything else, washing the skin too much and cleaning it constantly is harmful. Exfoliating every day also damages our skin. The important thing is not how often we wash or clean the skin, but how and with what products we do this cleaning process. For this reason, if we want to have a healthy and clean skin appearance, we must first discover our skin type, find the right products for our skin and use these products in the most correct way.

It will not be difficult to have a healthy and clean skin when we learn the most accurate method in our skin cleaning and get rid of the wrong information that we think is right.

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