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Laredo Beauty College Incorporated is a small college that specializes in providing its students with the very best of beauty education and hair styling. Founded in N/A, Laredo Beauty College Inc consists of two locations: Laredo, Texas and Las Cruces, New Mexico. Each location has approximately thirteen full-time students attending full-time classes, plus an equal number of online students enrolled in distance learning programs. The average GPA for incoming students is 3.4, with the average GPA for transfer students being 3.2.

Located in Laredo, Texas, Laredo Beauty College Inc.’s campus is Urban. The entire campus is Urban based, and home to over153 full-time undergraduate students as well as N/A part-time graduate students. There is also a strong emphasis on the professional aspect of hair styling through campus classes and by holding campus events such as hair salons, manicures, pedicures, hair replacement/body work, etc. Classes are generally held during the Laredo community every Tuesday.

Classes begin with an informative introduction, then go into the various areas of skin care, hair care, nail care, makeover techniques, etc. followed by specialized instruction in these areas. Specialization areas are usually electives. Students may opt to take elective courses in cosmetology, hair styling, manicure, pedicure, skin care and even foreign language. There are numerous clubs and organizations on campus as well, including the Laredo Athletic Association, Laredo High School Sports, Laredo College Christian Brothers, Laredo College Girls’ Round Table, Laredo College Music, Laredo College Poker Team, and Laredo College Student Council.

Laredo Beauty College

Part-Time Student

The Laredo Community College offers a major in Cosmetology but offers other professional degree programs as well. Students enrolled in the Laredo community college may choose to major in Business, Criminal Justice, Health Care Management, Marketing, Social Sciences, Service or Education. Students who wish to obtain an associate degree in cosmetology or hair styling can transfer their credits and earn a bachelor’s degree, or they can earn a master’s or doctoral degree. Students have the option to enroll in the Laredo beautification college as a part-time student or full-time student. Those students wishing to pursue their Master’s in cosmetology will need to complete their associate’s degree within the four years of graduation from high school.

Students have the option to apply for financial aid. There are many students that attend the Laredo beautification college that do not have the means to pay for tuition, but those students that do have the means to pay for tuition to find that the college offers merit-based scholarships and grants that provide a substantial funding source. Those who qualify may be awarded a grant of approximately ten thousand dollars or more. Students are also encouraged to apply for federal student aid as well.

The Laredo beauty college is committed to providing quality academic and professional training to its students. Every student that attends the Laredo cosmetology program is required to take part in a hands-on internship. In addition to this internship, students are required to participate in a clinical study during the summer months of their sophomore and junior year. Students that want to continue on with their education and advance their education are also encouraged to pursue an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s Degree. Students that complete this long-term educational plan are considered to have successfully completed their cosmetology program and are able to compete favorably in their area of choice for a job within the beauty industry.

Laredo Beauty College Offers Many Facets Of Training

Laredo Beauty College Inc founded in 2003, is a small private, community college. Founded in N/A, Laredo Beauty College Inc has grown into one of the largest cosmetology schools in the nation. Founded in Texas, Laredo is a small city setting, meaning that the campus itself is relatively urban. The campus consists of 153 full time, undergraduate students and N/a full time graduate students. This is made up of many areas including the Master’s program, the Bachelor’s degree programs, as well as various specialty programs and certificate programs.

Many areas of focus for Laredo Beauty College include the hair, nail, skin, and fashion design. In the Hair, Nail, and Cosmetology programs, students will receive training and experience working with a variety of clients, both men and women. Students who are interested in applying these skills and techniques will find employment opportunities at salons and spas, hair care centers, makeup counters, hairstylists, barbershops, and even spas. Some areas of focus include the following: spa treatments, hair design, skin care, nail care, fashion trends, and much more.

Skin and Fashion

Laredo Beauty College also offers many other programs that allow students to advance their skills and knowledge of cosmetology beyond the classroom. The Master’s program in Skin and Fashion focuses on both men and women, with specializations in male and female facial skin care. Another major focus area is the Certificate in Beauty Therapy. Students will learn techniques for improving self confidence, increasing self-esteem, and improving self-confidence among others. The Bachelor’s degree program in Cosmetology trains students to use the latest and most advanced technology equipment. Students may choose to participate in internship programs, work for local spas or salons, or enter the professional world of design.

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