Focus on Cosmetology

There are plenty of top Michigan colleges and one of the top ones is the Michigan College of Beauty. This college offers over 400 classes for a number of different types of specialties. This includes everything from pet grooming to nail technology. You can also elect to take classes that focus on cosmetology as well.

One of the specialties that you will find here is the costume makeup. Students will learn how to make the most of their own natural beauty with this training. The coursework will cover all of the makeup application techniques so that students can create the most natural looking make up possible. You will learn to blend, glittering, and glazing. They will also learn the basics of colored contact lenses as well.

This program gives students the ability to develop their creativity with colors and design. When you enroll in a Michigan beauty school, you will be able to participate in their color fusion workshops. You will use these skills to devise your own eye shadow palette and learn to apply eyeshadow so that it is the most suited to your eye shade and color. During these workshops you will also practice creating natural looking makeup. In addition to the workshops you will participate in artistic fashion shows that show off your talents as well as your newly perfected skills.
Another specialty within the Michigan College of Beauty is a spa treatment. Students who choose this program can learn how to manicure and pedicure as well as providing skin care. Their program will also provide training in aromatherapy, reflexology, and massage therapy. If you are interested in this type of beauty school then you will need to do some research into the various schools in the area. Each school may offer a unique program that is tailored towards that particular school.

Michigan College Of Beauty

Two-Year Internship

Once you have completed your studies at a Michigan college of beauty, you will need to take a state licensing exam. This examination will certify you for the specific license that is required for practicing as a beauty therapist. The course work that you will have to complete will include a two or four year course work. Most of these programs will start out with a two-year internship. Upon completion of your training you will be able to take the state certification exam.

You can get many advantages by participating in a formal education program at a Michigan college of beauty. These programs offer job placement assistance as well as full time employment. These employment opportunities are usually full time positions working at different locations. A well-trained beauty therapist can do well in an office setting as well as a salon setting. If you decide to further your education in this field then you can also receive training from a nationally certified aestheticians as well.

Finding the Right Courses to Suit Your Needs

The College of Beauty in Michigan offers a number of programs to suit all interests. Whether you are looking for a career as a makeup artist, wanting to become a hair stylist or someone who simply wants to improve their personal appearance, the beauty college in Michigan is a great place to learn how to do it. In fact, many students finish a four-year degree at the college and find employment right away. Others find that they want to continue on to cosmetology school or even a graduate program to open their own salon. There are also a number of different types of classes that are offered at the beauty academy in Michigan. Students will be able to choose from over 110 different associate degrees, several bachelor degrees, two master degrees, and over a dozen certificate courses.

As in any university setting, graduates of the beauty academy in Michigan can look forward to many job opportunities. Many of the classes offered are related to working as a cosmetologist, which requires a certain level of education and training. While some students work as waiters and food servers in local restaurants and bars, others focus on teaching or administration at various beauty schools and spas. Others begin full-fledged careers as receptionists or marketing managers at various beauty parlors or salons.

Applied Science

For students who prefer to study indoors, the school also offers a number of special programs. One of the most popular is the Master of Art degree program, which takes about two years. Students can expect to learn everything from business leadership to communications, drawing, painting and film developing. Other beauty academy programs take a year to complete, while some choose to take longer, such as an Associate’s in Applied Science. Programs may even be combined with other courses, allowing students to further their education while gaining valuable work experience or job references.

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