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Founded in N/A, National Beauty College – Canton is a small, independent, specialty college offering over 35 different programs. This includes but is not limited to, nail technician, makeup artist, hair stylist, barber, manicurist, pedicure and pedicular improvement, skin care and skin treatment, hair designer and stylist, swimmer’s trainer, spa technician, and many more. Founded in 1950, the college continues to be committed to providing quality, affordable education to those who have chosen to follow a two-year degree program or those who want to train to become a nail technician, cosmetologist, hairstylist, barber, manicurist, or any other beauty technician. In fact, many students who enroll at National Beauty College are looking to become a professional within their own field of choice!

The college offers many different programs, including, but not limited to; nail technology, cosmetology, hair styling and design, skin therapy, skin treatments and procedures, pedicures and manicures, tanning, general skin care, nail care, and hair styling and makeup application. In addition, many students choose to pursue an associate degree in a field of their choice from the college, like massage therapy, photography, or even fashion design. The Bachelor’s degree that many students choose to pursue is in the area of beauty therapy, which includes courses such as body analysis, body systems, cosmetics analysis, dermatology, pediatrics, pregnancy, photography, hair styling, makeup application, and a few electives. The Associate’s degree lasts three years and then requires a specific number of credits per semester in order to complete the program.

National Beauty College

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The school boasts an array of fully-equipped beauty and medical facilities. Several of these facilities include but are not limited to: a full lounge, a cafeteria, a childcare center, a beauty shop, a physical education and fitness center, a gym, a library, a pharmacy, a cafeteria, a social and recreational area, a video store, a cafeteria, and a locker room. Some of the student-facilities that are available to students include: a salon, a nail spa, a beauty laboratory, a hair salon, a beauty consulting service, and a health and wellness center. There are also health, wellness, and fitness classes, such as yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi that are offered by the NNA. Additionally, there are athletic, dining and learning centers that will allow students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and experience of the programs and facilities that they are enrolled in. All of these features make it quite easy for students to excel while they complete their degrees and obtain the high quality jobs that are so popular today.

The National Academy of Beauty Education and Training is committed to training both emerging and currently qualified beauty industry workers. Its mission is “to educate and train leaders in order that beauty experts and industry continue to grow.” It also works to maintain high standards of education and training, with the goal of preparing future beauty industry workers for positions of excellence. The college has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences, which works to maintain high standards of education and training in the cosmetology field.

Graduates of the NACE

Students who are enrolled in the National Academy of Beauty Education and Training’s program are expected to meet minimum State requirements for licensure. These include both academic and on-the-job training and continuing education credits. Graduates of the NACE program are expected to be well-qualified in their chosen fields of study and have taken part in at least one year of NACE approved training. These programs are designed to prepare students to enter careers based on their individual interests, abilities and talents.

When deciding which beauty college to attend, you must consider the program offerings, cost, reputation, tuition, student assistance programs, job placement assistance, and career placement programs. It is also important to consider whether you wish to work while you attend school. Each college will offer different prerequisites and different entrance requirements, so it is best to do your research. There is nothing worse than beginning an exciting new journey into the beauty industry, only to realize that you do not have enough training to enter. Taking this into consideration before beginning your beauty college studies will save you time, money, and ultimately your happiness!

National Beauty College Offers A Great Training Program For Cosmetologists

National Beauty College is a relatively new (and rapidly growing) beauty college that provide a very solid training program for aspiring cosmetologists. They are located in Canton, OH, right in the heart of the northeast Ohio River Valley. A majority of students at National Beauty College attend on campus training as it is the most convenient way for them to receive training. After students graduate from their training program, they will be required to take an exam to become a cosmetologist. This exam is known as the Cosmetology Licensing Exam and can only be taken once you have graduated from your training program.

National Beauty College offers a large array of programs that include but are not limited to, the Bachelor of Science Degree in Cosmetology. Students who complete this degree earn the ability to operate in various capacities within the field of cosmetology including the ability to evaluate and provide hair, nail and skin care. Graduates of this program will have the ability to work in various salons and spas throughout the country and even around the world. The requirements to earn a Cosmetology license vary by state and can take up to a year to complete.

Ohio Department

Cosmetology licensing exams are available through the Ohio Department of Health. You can find out if your State requires licensing through the Department of Health’s Office of Consumer affairs. Cosmetology licensing exams should be taken at a time when you are relaxed and prepared to tackle it. For this reason, you should plan your studying schedule around your other commitments. In addition, you may want to find out if your State requires a cosmetology instructor who has been trained and licensed through the National Beauty College to teach you how to do certain things in cosmetology.

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