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Palace Beauty College, If you’re thinking about pursuing a degree at any of the many Los Angeles based accredited colleges or universities that are available, one of the first stops on your educational journey should be Palace Beauty College. Although a traditional college it offers many of the same programs as other schools including business, criminal justice, culinary arts, education, nursing, political science, religious studies, Spanish, psychology, sociology and much more. It’s also a Private (for profit) school. The 2021 tuition and fees of Palace Beauty College are $4,445. Of the nearly 35% of their enrolled undergraduate students who have received financial aid or scholarships, the median award amount is a whopping $3,997.

This is a non-profit institution and they strive to always give the student a better education. Their motto is “The University of Los Angeles campus was created to educate and train you for a better tomorrow. In keeping with the motto, this school is the place to go to if you want to learn”. With that in mind, what you will find at this college is a small campus with friendly students and instructors. They strive to teach you right from wrong and help you develop an attitude of responsibility and respect.

Palace Beauty College

Campus Visits

Overall, the University of Los Angeles has many colleges and universities to choose from; however, if you are considering a place to go for your education then the University of palace beauty college is one of your top choices. If you don’t live in the area or don’t have the time to drive to campus visits, then the online classes and other special learning opportunities that they offer make up for the distance that you may have to travel. They also offer flexible student services such as individual counseling, online advising, and tutoring. The online classes are set up to be easy to follow and the student services to ensure that you will be able to complete your work on time and even step away from your computer for a bit to catch up on work.

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Palace Beauty College is a comprehensive beauty college that offers its students a variety of beauty related courses. These courses are designed to give the students an insight into the techniques and the knowledge required for beauty related work. The classes cover a wide range of topics that include nail technology, hair styling, and skin care. The colleges are able to provide its students with an extensive range of experience through hands-on training. This is an ideal way to learn how to become a cosmetologist, esthetician, or massage therapist.

The college is located in Los Angeles, CA in the Fashion Valley. In this area, there are many luxurious spas and salons that offer cutting-edge services and products. The classes that are offered here give the students the knowledge that they need to start their own business and provide work for those wishing to enter the beauty industry. The schools provide its students with a valuable knowledge in marketing, sales, customer service, and finance.

Comfort Learning Campus

Most of the students that sign up for this program will be attending class full time. Due to the nature of the course material, many students find the course to be challenging. The classes are usually held at the Comfort Learning Campus which allows students to have a more traditional learning environment. Students who complete the program are awarded a certificate and a diploma that are valid for beauty careers in Los Angeles. Classes that are offered also include a hands-on practice session. During this session, students are given the opportunity to use makeup and hair care products on a variety of different individuals.

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