Skin Care Mistakes and Truths

Skin Care Mistakes and Truths – Skin care mistakes can make our skin look bad and unhealthy. So, what should you pay attention to when it comes to skin cleansing? How should we clean our skin? Let’s find out the details together.

Skin Care Mistakes

Skin health and care is an issue that many people and especially women care about. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful about skin care mistakes. Of course, everyone feels good when our skin looks clean, healthy and young. The dust and dirt we are exposed to in our daily lives stick to our skin, even if we do not realize it. If we do not clean our skin regularly and correctly, this can cause an unhealthy appearance, deterioration of the skin, enlargement of pores and even unwanted conditions such as acne and blackheads. Therefore, removing make-up should not be the only reason to clean the skin. Cleaning our skin in a certain routine and correctly will allow us to have a healthier, younger and more beautiful skin.

Skin Care Mistakes and Truths

Skin Care Mistakes and Truths

We talked about how important skin cleansing is, but how we clean our skin is also very important. Cleaning the skin with hearsay information and products and inaccurate ways will be as harmful as not taking care of our skin. It is very important to access the right information on this subject, to clean our skin correctly and to use the right product.

There is a lot of wrong information about skin care, but on social media, but in hearsay. It is important for our skin to reach and apply the right information on this subject. What are these skin care mistakes, let’s take a look at them.

Washing the Skin with Water Only

It is not correct information that washing the skin with only water will clean our skin. Water is just a tool to clean our skin, and it is wrong to expect our skin to be completely cleaned using only water. With skin cleaning solutions, you can complete your skin cleaning in the best way.

Ignoring Seasonal ChangesAnother skin care mistake is ignoring seasonal changes. With the change of seasons, the hormones in the human body also change, which leads to many changes in the human body. Our skin may be drier, oilier or normal from time to time seasonally. Therefore, it will not be right to clean the skin with the same care product every season. In this case, it will be best for our skin to observe our skin seasonally and to use the appropriate product at the appropriate time.

Cleaning the Skin with Baby Products

Many people think that baby products can be used safely because they are produced in a way that will not harm the baby, and that they can be good for skin cleaning. When we look at it, this information is not correct at all. The reason for this is that the pH value of the skin of infants and adults is completely different.

The pH value of the skin is different in every age period, and the use of a product suitable for a baby’s pH value by an adult will not be a correct skin cleansing method, and this may even cause us to damage our skin. If you are cleaning the skin with baby products, you should change this habit and choose to use special cleaning products suitable for your skin type.

Using Products Over 40 Incorrectly

Another skin care mistake is that anti-aging skin cleaning products are used by every person over 40 without exception. This use should be determined by a specialist, not according to the age of the individual, but according to the needs of the skin, and the use should definitely be that way.

People with Oily Skin Should Not Use Moisturizer

One of the most common mistakes among the public is that individuals with oily skin do not use moisturizers during skin cleansing. Even if the skin is oily, using the right moisturizer after cleansing in order to maintain the moisture and oil balance will be the right method for skin cleansing and health.

Wrong Preference of Peeling Products

When it comes to peeling, many people think that the harder we clean their skin with granular peeling products, the better it is cleaned. But this would be a great disservice to our skin. Our skin is sensitive and cleaning the contents with harsh products will cause skin scratching and permanent damage. In addition to these, using the wrong scrub, pressing too hard on the skin with a towel, and treating the skin with hard and unsuitable facial cleaning brushes will also cause scratching and damage to the skin.

Paying attention to these misconceptions about skin cleansing for our skin health will enable us to have a better skin. We have provided information about skin care mistakes and truths, now let’s talk about how skin cleaning should be done.

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